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On our website you will find high quality mask holders for medical and FFP2 masks. Our mask holders have a particularly high quality and convince through extraordinary high wearing comfort and longevity.

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Mask holders increase the wearing comfort significantly

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A mask holder increases the wearing comfort of a mask like FFP2 or mouth-nose-covering significantly during longer wearing times.

Where can I buy mask holders?

You can ask us for the mask holders, we also offer special conditions for businesses.

How does the holder run ?

The holder runs on the back of the head without causing unpleasant pressure behind or on the ears. The holder of the masks is non-slip.

Is it possible to get pressure marks by wearing the holder?

The purpose of mask holders is to avoid pressure points and sore skin areas as much as possible.

Does the holder fit different sizes?

Mask holders are usually sufficiently adjustable in size so that they fit everyone and allow full wearing comfort.

More info about mask holders

You can find high quality mask holders for medical and FFP2 masks on our website. Our mask holders have a particularly high quality and convince through extraordinary high wearing comfort and longevity.

On our site you will find appropriate products in the near future, which you can either order right away or send us an inquiry. We wish you a good time! Stay healthy!

Due to the current corona situation, surgical masks or FFP2 masks are now mandatory in many places. Often these masks have to be worn not only while shopping or in buses and trains, but also at the workplace for a longer period of time. After prolonged wearing, however, the FFP2 mouth-nose protection often becomes uncomfortable and the area around or behind the ears begins to hurt. A mask holder for the back of the head can help here and increase the wearing comfort, especially when wearing the mask for a longer period of time. Mask holders are particularly suitable for FFP2 masks, but can also be attached to surgical masks.

Plastic holders increase wearing comfort

Especially FFP2 masks with elastic bands can cause pain in the ears when worn for a long time. Therefore, especially when wearing the mask for a long time, a mask holder can be helpful, because the holders for the back of the head relieve the ears. Mask holders can be purchased in different variants. Some extend the retaining straps of the masks, others have a plastic strap at the back of the head. These increase the wearing comfort particularly significantly and are also comfortable to wear over a longer period of time. In addition, they are very easy to use.

Plastic mask holders are often purchased in black, but are also available in other colors. Inconspicuous, transparent variants are also on the market. The plastic holder is flexibly adjustable, similar to the holder on a baseball cap. This often succeeds with a few simple steps. In addition, buy mask holder is now possible for different head sizes and mask types. The easiest way is to hook the mask into the holder and pull it over the head with the plastic strap. Alternatively, elastic mask holders made of nylon fabric can be purchased, which are even more comfortable to wear.

Ear protectors for better wearing comfort

With most FFP2 masks and surgical masks, the straps of the mask lie directly behind the ears and often chafe here when worn for long periods. The result can even be sore spots in the area of the ears. Masks with plastic holders, on the other hand, no longer have to lie directly behind the ears, but are fastened to the back of the head. This also increases wearing comfort for people who have to wear the mask for a long time. OP masks or FFP2 masks with plastic holders are also an alternative for doctors or nurses.

You will find on our website high quality mask holders for medical

With many FFP2 masks, the ear straps are not only uncomfortable but, depending on the shape of the head, simply too short. In this case, too, plastic holders provide a remedy. The ear straps of the mask can simply be hooked into the hooks at both ends of the holder. This automatically lengthens the strap or allows it to be adjusted to the correct length.

Reusable mask holders

Mask holders for relieving the ears are reusable, as they are easy to clean. This is also possible with disinfectant to remove possible viruses from the mask holder. After use, the

mask is detached from the holder in a few simple steps and either placed to dry and disinfect or disposed of. If a new mask is used the next day, it can be hooked back into the mask.

Especially for FFP2 masks, mask holders with plastic straps are ideal. The holders ensure that the mask no longer presses against the ears. Nevertheless, the FFP2 mask continues to fit tightly so that the most extensive protection can be ensured. Especially those who have to wear FFP2 masks at work for many hours can relieve the strain on their ears this way.

Mask holders adapt to the back of the head

Mask holders made of elastic plastic adapt very well to the shape of the head, are soft and do not chafe. Many are not only ideal for FFP2 masks, but can also be used in combination with surgical masks or everyday masks. Some of the plastic holders are six-way adjustable. This makes it easy to choose the right length and the holders are also suitable for children. As a rule, children also get along well with the holders for masks. Here, however, the individual adjustment of the holders is the greatest advantage, so that the mask is more comfortable for children to wear.